Automated Parking System, United Arab Emirates

The Smart System for the Smart City


Cities are made for people, not cars. The main motto of Smart Parking UAE is to organize parking space so that more number of people can use public places, without facing the trouble of looking for parking facilities. With cities expanding, the number of the urban population increases and so the number of cars in the UAE. The biggest challenge is to manage and create parking spaces for these many cars. This high demand for increased parking facilities needs careful urban planning and design. The aim of the Smart Parking System is to facilitate this planning with the help of latest parking management systems. Which will also provide opportunities for revenue generation for building owners, retail operators, property developers, car operators and local government.

Smart Parking is dedicated to supporting the vision of building smart cities. Cities like Dubai also faces an acute shortage of parking facilities in many areas. Some of the regions see severe congestions during peak hours. Smart or Automated Parking Systems are a convenient solution for drivers and companies in Parking Management Services, which can handle these issues efficiently.

Automated car parking systems are already being used at several places in UAE. Dubai is home to world’s largest and also the second largest automated parking facility. The first one in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), which can accommodate 1191 cars. And the second one in Conrad Hotel, which can accommodate 1053 cars.

Why Smart Parking?

    Space Saving: Bigger is the city, more significant is the space constraint. An automated car parking system can increase the efficiency and utility of space by up to 50 percent. It reduces the overall space requirement of traditional methods, which includes a lesser distance between two cars also the ceiling height is less as there are no drivers in the parking area.

    Security: This is one of the best features as the cars are kept in a completely safe environment free from any human interaction which protects them from any sort of theft or vandalism.

Some of the Additional benefits are:

o    Automated Car wash facility

o    No need for Pedestrian (drivers or owners) to enter the parking area

o    No driving lanes or ramp

o    Simpler payment systems


Wherever there are rules and regulations; legal matters come into the picture. Smart Parking System uses ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology. The system detects the number plate of the vehicles at the time of entry and exit and calculates the duration of parking. In case of fines or unpaid parking tickets, you might need the assistance of a UAE Law Firm. A legal consultant can look into the legal matter and can help you in the right way to quickly resolve your issues.